Love is ‘ageless friendship’.

Time 3:00 PM

It was after their lunch, he was watching cricket match and had muted suddenly. Saw her snoring in deep sleep with one hand holding her favourite novel and other hand falling down from armrest of the chair. He was wearing blue stripes white t-shirt and beige trouser and she was wearing pink flowered dress.

He calmly kept the remote aside and started walking towards kitchen like a cat. He slowly opened the refrigerator without any noise and started searching for his favourite. Unfortunately, he could not find it. Little grinned he opened the rack and wore orange apron hanged in front of him. He started cleaning utensils in the kitchen without making any sound. (He usually helps her in all household chores but this time very calmly!!)

He was cleaning all the plates and bowls with so much attention and care. Suddenly his butt got a tight slap, “Phatttt!!”. His immediate reaction was “Aaahhhh!!”


He stopped his work, his face started turning red. She again gave a slap on his butt. He turned around angrily. She was standing right behind him with a plate in her hand and holding her laugh. As soon as he turned back, she laughed out loud.

All of his anger was gone in a second. His eyes started to glitter in joy upon seeing the shining, fresh slice of red-velvet cake in the plate she was holding. She fed him with her hands and he continued cleaning in joy. She sat on the counter enjoying his childish smile.

He was 72. She was 71.

With age and time, love may dilute but friendship must grow to make life again a better place to live.

Ageless friendship is Universal Love.



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